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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your wedding photography shooting style? 

We think of our style as having a natural elegance.  We shoot a combination of spontaneous, naturally occurring photos throughout the wedding day, while also capturing the more formal photos of the wedding party and the family. Our goal is for the bride and groom and all of those involved in the celebration to relax and have fun while we document the entire day. 

Do you provide a contract for your wedding photography services?


Yes, we do.  We prepare a contract with all of the details of your wedding and present it to you when you are ready to book your wedding with us.  The contract will stipulate the date reserved for the wedding, pricing, our policies and any services that we have agreed on.


Can we request a list of specific photos?

Yes, by all means.  We want to know what photos you would like taken.  Once a contract has been signed, we will meet with you and discuss your shot list for the day. We want to make sure that every photo that you want is on the list, and we will do our very best to get all of those shots. One thing that we do when we meet with you is to get all of the information together that will allow us to create a timeline for the day.  We will give you a copy of the timeline ahead of time so that you will know what pictures we will be taking and when.       


How many pictures will we get?


That depends on how many hours you book us for and what your timeline for the day looks like.  We always use two shooters on the wedding day, and we shoot a lot of photos. So, if we start shooting early in the day with the bridal party getting ready and continue until late in the evening that will all factor into the quantity of photos we take.  Also, if we do a first look session with the bride and groom that will increase the number of photos we are able to take.  


What is a first look and why should we do one?


In a traditional wedding the bride and groom do not see each other until the bride comes down the aisle. Any photos of the bride and groom together are taken during the ceremony and between the ceremony and the reception. This sometimes limits the amount of time that is available to take the formal photos of the bridal party all together, photos of the families, as well as photos of the bride and groom.  With a “first look” session the bride and groom are brought together before the ceremony and see each other for the first time. This allows them to share a few private moments with just the two of them and gives us the opportunity to get photos of the bride and groom together before the ceremony. We can also get photos of the wedding party during that time. By doing this we are able to get quite a few additional photos without the pressure of trying to get everything done before the reception. 


Should we book an engagement session with you?


Yes! Engagement sessions are a lot of fun because they allow us to get to know you and you to get comfortable with us.  It is normal for folks to be a little nervous getting in front of a camera. We take a very relaxed approach with our engagement sessions, and we do all that we can to put you at ease.  Much of what we do at the engagement session will also carry over to the wedding day, so you’ll be confident and relaxed on your special day. Engagement photos are also great to use for save the date cards, guest books, and thank you cards. Best of all, both of our wedding packages include a free Engagement session.   

How long will it take to get our pictures after the wedding?

We will have your photos to you within 4-6 weeks after your wedding date. We want to make sure that your photos are an excellent quality so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. Normally within a few days of your wedding day we will post a sneak peek of a few of the photos on our blog and on social media.   

How will we receive the wedding photos?  

Once the photos are ready we will copy them to a flash drive and deliver them to you. We will also provide you with a print release so that you can have prints made at the photo printer of your choice.  You may also share the photos with others and post them on social media.   

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